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We offer services of drying, meat smoking, cooking, bacon roasting, pig hock, bones with meat, meat, legs, tails…
In a traditional way in classical rooms for preparing smoked meat or in vacuum bags (air exfiltration from the bag extends the product life cycle).
Drying and all other services are available only if the animals are slaughtered in our slaughters. 


*complete processing of pork half
Back foot – bones removal, steaks
Front leg – bones removal, cube cutting (for soups) or milled.
Neck and steaks – cutting for barbecue or like “buđola” or “lakskare”
Bacon – cutting for drying or on slices for roasting (caesarean meat)
Fingers – on half or for soups
Fat – cube cutting.


The processing of French half 70,00kn
Removal of skin from both half  10,00kn
Making bacon from both half 20,00kn
Cutting of fat from both half   20,00kn
Making of two hams 20,00kn
Sausage making 2kn/kg

 - Usluge vrijede za životinje do 150kg, iznad 150kg cijena po dogovoru.

 The prices are for animals up to 150 kg, above 150 kg the price is as agreed.


For the delivery within 50 km the transportation price is 200 HRK (the service is available only if we do the slaughter of animals). We do not offer the transportation services by them selves.