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You should know

About lamb:

- Live lamb must not weight more then 25 to 30 kg

- the price of live lamb is 22 HRK per kg (30 kg x 22 HRK = 660kn) + 25% VAT = 825 HRK is the price for the whole live lamb

If the lamb is quality, pulpy and the producer did not give it to drink water to get benefits during the weight, you can get 50 to 52% of hot half with head and bowels which is 16 kg. When the lamb is cold it weights 1 kg less which is 15 kg. The head and the bowels weight 2 kg. So we have 13 kg which we sell with the price of 60 HRK per kg.

So our “earning” is minus 45 HRK. (13 kg x 60 HRK is 780 HRK and we have payed 825 HRK for the live lamb.  If you sell us the head for 10 HRK and bowels for 10 HRK we have the minus 25 HRK. After that we have 15 kg of waste that we have to treat for the 1 HRK per kg which is 15 HRK. So our final minus is 40 HRK. Into this price we did not take into account the cost of vet , agro control and our work. The skin with wool nobody wants to buy any more.

And now follows the question for 1.000.000 HRK. How domestic lamb can be sold for the price of 20, 30 or 50 HRK per kg unless it is not frozen for a long time or if someone did not offer you the sheep for the price of lamb or if you did not get the fallout from big stock breeder? 


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