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Slaughter craft “Bođirković” Borovo has long time tradition in meat production and processing.  The craft is actually “the meat house” which operates since the year 1982 and it is the only production craft of this type in this area.

The development of modern technologies in meat production and processing has caused the improvement of butcher’s processing of mostly pork and baby beef meat to wide range of different meat products.

The products are produced in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of customers who ask for colour, excellent appearance and colour of processed meat, bones, fat and above all richness and healthy flavour and smell.

Generally when we talk about food, buying original and quality product, for us, is much more important then price it self. In spite of all the globalisation trends we consider that tradition in producing and the producers’ identity it self are the most relevant aspects in our business. Tradition must not be forgotten but also the innovations have to be implemented in business also. So slaughter craft “Bođirković” successfully connects the old taste recipes with the new technology what results with the exclusive products with reputable tradition.

The technology of our meat processing has achieved the honourable level. Our meat products such as cooked sausages have won all the customer categories. Being aware that slaughter craft “Bođirković”’s products are daily consumed by children and all other age groups we are making all to ensure the high quality of products. We are paying maximal attention to high hygienic standards and the protection of human health.

From our beginning up to now, we are continuously monitoring the development of meat industry which implies the development of machines for meat processing and machines for keeping meat and meat products in the stores and slaughters.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs by offering them high quality products and service in our stores.

With our active market operations we want to prove that our products outstrip all imported products thanks to their tradition and quality. Also, we are trying to assure to our employees as better working conditions as we can by developing of our business and industry.

Thanks to the improvement of the production and services organisation we guarantee the quality and quantity of our products all because of satisfying our customer’s needs.

We continuously invest in our company, in our transportation means and our sale stores because we want to improve the meat processing and meat keeping conditions. 

Slaughter craft “Bodirković”’s products are, within the market, well known as the products of high quality and processed by traditional customs and recipes.

Our products will help you to have the quality nutrition. 


As a company orientated to market demands, we pay great attention to favourable customer relationship. In order to achieve our customer’s needs and requirements we invest in market research and production improvement. 

Our employees are butchers who were mostly attended the teaching practice at our company and after they have continued working in our team. Also, but not less important is our selling stuff without whom it would not be possible to place our products.



We are socially responsible company. Through the quality of our products and business activities we take care about the health of our customers.

We also act responsible toward our property, equipment, machines, transportation means and stores because we are aware that by their help we have our income resource and we can satisfy our working and living needs. Our company assure us safe working place, protection during the work and working clothes.

We encourage team work and friendly atmosphere on our working place.


We satisfy our customer’s needs and requirements by the quality of products and business processes and their continuous improvement.

Our main goal is to have satisfied customer who will recommend us and thus bring us more new satisfied customers. Our customers are always right.

The demands and satisfaction of all other interested actors (employers, suppliers, financial institutions, community) is also not less important for us.

Our mission is to improve our quality based on tradition.

All of our products and processes are based on quality and tradition.

Our main orientation is traditional production of meat products.

We create trust on the basis of quality for which we are recognized.

In production we use recipes which respect all rules, regulations and law what leads to the high quality of our products.

The result is our overall quality by which we are recognized on the market.

We pay special attention to traditional production of our products. 


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