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Slaughter craft “Bođirković” Borovo has long time tradition in meat production and processing.  The craft is actually “the meat house” which operates since the year 1982 and it is the only production craft of this type in this area.

The development of modern technologies in meat production and processing has caused the improvement of butcher’s processing of mostly pork and baby beef meat to wide range of different meat products.

The products are produced in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of customers who ask for specific colour and excellent appearance of processed meat, bones, fat and above all richness and healthy flavour and smell. 


Bojan Bođirković

Specialities Taste and be pleasantly surprised!

  • Milled graves - layer

  • Domestic sausage in fat


The other about us

I am your loyal customer and first of all I would like to compliment your products. I have noticed that since Miss Branislava does not work your turnover has decreased and other personnel is not so kind especially the blonde one. I do not know her name but I think it is not fair not to answer or to reverse the eyes when customers ask for the black haired miss. I think it is very insolent and it would be better for you to bring Miss Branislava back to Osijek because in this way you could lose a lot of customers. Also I would like to say that the little one, I think her name is Tena, is also very kind and polite. I hope you will consider our suggestion. Thank you!

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Svinjska koljenica

Svinjska koljenica



Suho meso

Suho meso

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New opened butcher shop in Osijek (K.P.Svačića 7a).
Mondey: 7:00-12:00
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Sunday and holiday: 07:00-12:00

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Butcher Crafts " BOĐIRKOVIĆ " Borovo has a long tradition of producing and processing mesa.Obrt a " house of meat " which has been operating since 1982 and is the only manufacturing company of this type in the area of Borovo


Mesnice Bođirković
Školaska 14, Borovo, 32227
Borovo, Hrvatska